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What is Central Asian Youth Network (CAYN)?
CAYN is a network of over 300 bright Central Asian individuals, established and supported by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe since 2004. Our fellows passed a rigorous selection and joined the network as undergraduate students representing Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

CAYN is not just about bringing new knowledge and useful contacts – but about life. It is about becoming a greater human being who cares about others and dedicates his or her life to a meaningful purpose. The intense schedule, vibrant environment, discussions, trainings, prejudice breaking, critical thinking exercises, all these aim to bring participants closer to their life goals and finding their own path. While the name of the project limits network to Central Asia, nonetheless its members are not stalemated in the haven of a nation state.
Why join CAYN?
More than just a network
CAYN will help you develop a sense of identity and the feeling of belonging to a community of like-minded people.
An active participant today, a leader tomorrow
CAYN alumni are the rising stars of Central Asia. They are known to be the protagonists not only of their own lives, but also of the lives of their community.
The culture of sharing
At CAYN, we constantly share knowledge, experience and existing networks. We believe that 2+2=5.
Annual CAYN Seminar
CAYN Seminar is a 3-4 day event, bringing together selected applicants from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. CAYN Seminar involves both formal and informal activities so fellows can meet regional leaders and opinion-makers and build friendships among each other.
Note that applying for and attending CAYN Seminar is the only way to become a member of the network and to participate in other CAYN activities.
OSCE Study Tours
Depending on the funds, the most active participants of the Seminars are invited to join a Study Tour to Vienna, where fellows are given a chance to visit OSCE headquarters, learn more about its structure and activities while meeting with representatives of different missions, attending Permanent Council meetings, discussing regional challenges with Central Asian Desk, and sometimes even with the Secretary General!
Annual Alumni Reunions
Since 2016 CAYN alumni organise an Annual Alumni Reunion. In spring 2016 it was in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in 2017 it was in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and in 2018 it was hosted by Uzbek alumni in Tashkent and Samarkand. The goal of such reunions is to strengthen the network through reconnecting with CAYN friends, meeting local entrepreneurs, and exploring Central Asia together.
Informal Activities
Apart from organised Seminars and Alumni Reunions, CAYN is known for its regular informal gatherings and activities in Central Asia and beyond. It's a vibrant and dynamic network, and its members reconnect with each other on a regular basis.
See what our fellows think about CAYN
I learned that we were very much alike, with similar dreams and cultures.
Khishigee Enkhbayar, Mongolia, CAYN 2014
Most of CAYN seminars highlight regional issues which, I believe, is a great way to become a global leader.
Abror Nazarov, Uzbekistan, CAYN 2012
I participated in my first CAYN seminar in 2011 and it still attracts me with its exciting program and unparralleled spirit of friendship
Manucher Salohudinov, Tajikistan, CAYN 2011
CAYN is one of the best programs I have attended: diversity of culture, warmness of people, freedom of speech, and equal rights to women.
Shamsia Noori, Afghanistan, CAYN 2013
I am truly happy to be an alumna, and to have expirienced both, the CAYN seminar in 2014 and the CAYN Vienna OSCE tour that same year.
Lyubov Lakomova, Turkmenistan, CAYN 2014
Through interaction we build mutual understanding. Through understanding we increase cooperation. Via cooperation we build peace and stability in the region.
Aigerim Khafizova, Kazakhstan, CAYN 2009
We shared out cultural similarities and differences. I learned to love my fellows and avoid extremist ideas. I learned some practical lessons about how to tolerate differences.
Alireza Waheedi, Afghanistan, CAYN 2013
CAYN made Central Asia much smaller to me, simply because I made so many friends from neighboring countries and I understood that we face the same challenges, share the same hopes and aspirations.
Aizada Marat kyzy, Kyrgyzstan, CAYN 2010
First and foremost I liked CAYN for its people - bright and interesting individuals. CAYN is an excellent networking event!
Jahongir Zabirov, Tajikistan, CAYN 2015
CAYN - is a network of beautiful minds, Central Asian leaders contributing to better trajectories in the region.
Diana Durusbek, Kyrgyzstan, CAYN 2011
CAYN 2018
The seminar will bring together promising students from Central Asian OSCE participating States to improve their critical thinking skills and share perspectives on existing threats to security in the region. The seminar also aims to stimulate creativity and encourage a co-operative approach among students from countries in the region.

Seminar participants will be selected based on the quality of their application (including an essay) and their community involvement.

We expect a highly original personal perspective on the assigned topic. We will look for an ability to challenge existing assumptions, a coherent presentation of arguments, a clear structure, and intelligent comments. Anti-plagiarism rules apply to all works received.

CAYN alumni are also encouraged to apply. There are 5 funded places reserved for them. The candidates will be chosen based on their proposed substantive contribution to the event. CAYN alumni present in Astana at the time of the seminar, are also encouraged to join CAYN2018. Please see a separate application form for all CAYN alumni.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be undergraduate students currently enrolled in universities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan, including students from Mongolia or Afghanistan

Applicants must be proficient in both English and Russian
Almaty, Kazakhstan: 26-28 June 2018
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
When is CAYN 2018 Seminar?
CAYN 2018 will be held from 26 to 28 June 2018. The deadline for applications is 21 May 23:59 Astana time.
Where will the Seminar be held?
CAYN 2018 will be in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Will my travel and accommodation expenses be covered?
The program will cover all expenses if you are selected as a finalist.
I graduated already, can I apply?
The program is open for undergraduate students.
I am a master's degree student, can I apply?
The program is open for undergraduate students.
I am not from Central Asia, Afghanistan or Mongolia, can I apply?
The program is open for undergraduate students from Central Asia, Afghanistan and Mongolia only.
I am senior year student, can I apply?
Yes, the program is open for undergraduate students. Therefore, senior students can apply.
Can I write my essay in Russian?
No, applicants are expected to fill out the application form in English. However the optional assignment (video) could be made in Russian.
I don't have a nomination from CAYN alumnus, can I still apply?
Yes, nominations are not required, but we do take them into account.
I am CAYN alumna/alumnus, can I nominate more than one person?
No, CAYN alumni can nominate one person only.
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