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About us
mampassi is a professional collective from Central Asia.

seeks to impact views on social and environmental change via technology, business, education, arts, and intellectuals.

A long before its establishment in 2017 the Central Asian roster of mampassi' residents have been working on projects in business, education, research, tech, gender, law, environment, and arts. It is an abiding commitment to the people of Central Asia that form the principles of mampassi.

mampassi, headquartered in Almaty is made up of residents from 7 countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. The collective through its vibrant network of students, young professionals, and mentors, has access to all major universities, NGOs, academia, business, media, artists, activists and intellectuals. The pool varies based on the needs and projects of the collective.

Besides individual projects, group projects are at the core of mampassi.

The mampassi residents pursue short and longer-term projects. They unite their individual visions and skills to facilitate problem solving at different levels.

How we function
The nature of organization is changing. Are you?
mampassi is a self-organized network of highly talented individuals. It works in small ad hoc multifunctional teams with distributed decision-making and open information flow.
mampassi promotes safe and supportive environment where residents are present and authentic. mampassi residents keep their egos in check and interact with each other based on trust
evolutionary purpose
mampassi is a living system that evolves and grows while doing meaningful things for community and environment. mampassi constantly explores deeper questions of meaning and purpose, both individually and collectively
for non-profits
mampassi aims to integrate Central Asian countries by facilitating projects that stimulate public dialogue in five thematic areas: education, climate change, healthcare, good governance, business & technology.

Educational initiatives are at the core of the collective's activities. To realize our projects and work we seek the collaboration of nonprofits and foundations, and the financial support of grants, subsidies and sponsor partnerships.

for business and government
mampassi collectively and actively markets residents and also multifunctional ad hoc teams (based on the customer's needs). The collective works for projects that either a) solve problems or b)create opportunities for people and environment.

collective has access to young, bold, and well educated professionals originating from Central Asia. Please contact us for specific requests. We also work with various partners, supporting and distributing our work in specific geographical territories.

Reasons to work with mampassi
perfect fit
we create teams based on the skill set and rotate if necessary. Our approach curates a ranked list of the best talent, ensuring you'll have exactly whose who will solve your problem
to be anti-fragile we pay to be small. With smallness comes increased agility and flexibility during volatile and uncertain times
creative confidence
we believe everyone has a creative genius and we love to assemble teams that boost a creative confidence for the benefit of our customers
social innovation
we aim to bring social and environmental change and for this we do research, education, and experimental learning by mixing various fields
sense and respond
we refuse from 'predict and control' approach to problems adopted by most of the bureaucratic agencies and instead choose 'sense and respond' mode
deliberate stewardsheep
we take care about our clients not because we care about their money, but because we care about ther cause
Dina Iglikova
founder & resident coordinator
"Central Asia is a place where many talented people originate from and we invited the best to become our residents. Our collective through non profit and business projects strives to create a secure, a compassionate, and an inclusive community that leads to a personal fulfillment and balanced approach to Nature".
Areas of expertise
Central Asia
Media and communications
Graphic Design
Human resources and organizational management
Online education
Video Production
Project management
Electrical engineering
Chemical engineering
Computer science and mathematics
Public policy
Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Strategy and analyses
Political philosophy
Join the collective!
Hello entrepreneurs, activists, artists, scientists, coders, photographers, engineers, physicians, anthropologists, runners, yogis, musicians, philosophers, we are building a roaster of great folks of Central Asia who can collaborate on upcoming projects. If you are interested in being a part of it, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you
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